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Guest Column: My Son's Favorite Attractions


Up until now, I have been the only person to actually write and publish on this blog.  But that's going to change today!  My son wanted a crack at writing something and I said sure.  Getting my kids to put their brains to good use is a plus and he came up with this rather quickly.  I always talk about how I write from the perspective of a family of four because that's my own experience.  Here my son is going to give his own perspective on what his favorite attractions are from each park.  Everything below this paragraph was written by him.  Please read on to see what the kids like these days.



Hello! This is Lucas and I am 13 years old and I am so excited that my dad let me do a section of his blog! Today I am here to talk about my top 3 attractions from all 4 parks. However, some rides I have not ridden yet like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Tron of course (because it isn’t even open at the time I am making this) and others but this is all my opinion specifically based off of the types of rides I like.




Magic Kingdom: 


1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I’m not sure what it is about this ride but something about it makes me want to ride it over and over again. No matter how many times there are very loud noises because it is a wooden roller coaster, this ride is very thrilling and really exciting. In fact, this is my favorite ride at Disney World! And there is always that one part in the ride I distinctly remember where it looks like you are about to hit your head and the train drops just in time. But, if you are at Disney I would check this one out it never has that long of a wait time cause they load trains so quickly and it is a very enjoyable ride but don’t ride if you are pregnant or have motion sickness or anything like that. 


2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This ride is amazing! The ride is pretty short itself but there is a few different aspects of this ride such as it is mostly a coaster which shakes around but at one part, you go into the mines and you see the dwarves at work “dig dig digging” away for gems. The aspect that makes this ride stand out is the shaking of the carts - not very fast or very powerful but at a good speed. What’s unbelievable about this ride is that it is so smooth! There are not many if any bumps on this ride at all! I would check this one out and you might wanna purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for it because the wait times will most likely be around an hour but if you have patience, you can probably wait it out or rope drop it in the morning but you would have to wake up pretty early if you are not good at getting out of bed.  


3. Splash Mountain

At this point, I think you can tell that I have a type. However, this ride might not be considered a roller coaster because for most of the ride, there is so minor drops where you will get a bit wet and then it’s mostly a boat ride until the big drop. If you don’t like getting wet, this ride isn’t for you. If you do like getting wet and you can handle a big drop, this ride is good for you. If you love getting wet see if you can get that front seat because in the front, you get SOAKED. This does feel nice however because of the heat of Florida besides all the rain and storms. It is a very entertaining ride because there are a ton of animatronics always doing things and lots of cool details. However, unfortunately if you are going to Disney anywhere this year and most of next year you will not be able to ride this ride because it is currently down and being changed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure using the same mountain but some different animatronics even though I assume some will stay the same.




1. Test Track

This ride has a lot of features that most people who like cars will enjoy. You go into a room and build a car however you want it and then you get to test it out on the track against other people while also having a very fun indoor and outdoor ride. You go on the ride and you test the cars ability in bad weather and other tests. The ride goes fast like a roller coaster but there aren't any drops but more like bumps. This one is highly recommended and you may wanna Genie plus is because sometimes the line takes a while but as I said before, if you are patient it is definitely worth waiting for because the ride is amazing. 


2. Living With The Land

Okay, I know what you are thinking. This is not at all similar to most of the rides I like but this ride is just so nostalgic. When you enter the building, it gets you out of the very hot heat and even just waiting on the line is good because the line is never that long. When you get on the boat, it takes you around their greenhouses and shows you all the plants that they grow and all the animals that help the environment. The ride is fairly long but there is always something to look at going through this ride. It is a very relaxing experience and if you need a break from the heat and are tired, I can almost guarantee that you can get on the ride within 20 minutes. 


3. Spaceship Earth

This ride is cool in general because it is a ride inside of this parks emblem. It’s crazy how they can fit this ride inside of that giant sphere but it is cool how it takes you back in time and tells you about history and what is possible in the future. And at the end, you can design your future! You can put in what you want to come in the future! This ride even has smells when they are talking about when a library burned down. The lines might be a bit long but they load people on the ride pretty fast and it is a good one to check out if you are at Epcot.




Hollywood Studios: 


1. Slinky Dog Dash

Going back to my theme of loving roller coasters, here's another! This is a ride you will definitely like if you like coasters and if you are a Toy Story fan, you will love riding Slinky Dog. It is a very fun ride where you ride around and see other characters from Toy Story and some thrilling drops. There is also this one part where he charges up and speeds up -  that is a very cool feature that most other coasters don’t have. I would check this one out and the lines will probably be very long and you will probably want to Genie it because this ride is worth it. 


2. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Okay, this ride is really good. This ride is not a coaster. It is a ride where you follow Mickey and Minnie after getting split up with their train to go find it! Some unfortunate things happen along the way such as us almost getting crushed but the music is amazing! The “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” music will always be in your head after you hear it one time. Even when you are about to enter the ride, the wall breaks open and you go through it! Definitely check it out the lines will be long but it is a ride that is unlike anything at Disney and you won’t regret riding it. 


3. Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance

This ride is insane. It is basically a ride where you walk around and get on different ships and then you get stuck in a First Order base! The people there even act like they are on the dark side! I personally don’t like this part because they are pretty mean but it is a very cool experience trying to escape the base while Kylo Ren is chasing after you. There is this one part where you think you get away and he sticks a lightsaber through the ceiling! 100% try this ride it is in my opinion the best Star Wars ride at Disney.


Animal Kingdom: 


1. Expedition Everest

This ride is very fun. It is a roller coaster inside of a mountain! At the beginning, you climb up the really high mountain which is very scary and when you’re in the mountain, you encounter a yeti! He tears the tracks apart looking for you and then you go down a very high drop. I tried looking over to see my Mom’s face but I couldn’t! The wind was too strong! This ride is a very good ride and doesn’t have too long of a wait for how good the experience is so if you are in Animal Kingdom, go try it. 


2. Kilimanjaro Safaris

This ride is a ride where you go on a bus with a tour guide and you see live animals! You never know what you will see out there! There is a list of animals inside the bus to try to see everything but it’s really hard to see everything. Even sometimes animals fall asleep in the road and the cars can’t move! When it is a giraffe, they call it a girrafic jam! The ride is very bumpy but it is very cool and there is always new animals to see no matter how many times you ride it.


3. Na’vi River Journey

This ride is very cool. You ride in a boat and you go around a jungle that some Na’vi live in! There are a bunch of interesting animals and plants you will see and you even get to see one of the Na’vi! They have really cool effects and hidden details like you can see when a lizard or a different animal is walking on one of the leaves but what’s cool about this ride is the Na’vi themselves! They sing in Na’vi and the song is always stuck in my head even though I don’t even know what they are saying! It is a very relaxing boat ride and I highly recommended this ride.


Well that’s it! Thanks for reading this! Again this is all my opinion there are a bunch of rides my family loves that I don’t like as much such as Avatar: Flight Of Passage and Soarin' Around The World that are very different from the stuff I like. Thanks for tuning in and goodbye!

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